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The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective is having a party and we want YOU to be a part of it.

This is going to be an extraordinary night: the 16th One Big Event on Oct. 20, 2018 at the Connecticut Convention Center.

It’s more than just a fundraiser – the Health Collective is celebrating 35 years of care, outreach and education. Join us and your friends and make the 16th One Big Event the perfect combination of festivity, good will, action and purpose.

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One Big Event Ticket Information

We are truly delighted to announce that we have sold out of our online tickets for the 2018 One Big Event. If you need a ticket, please contact Daniel Millett, Development Coordinator, Phone: 860-278-4163 ext. 118, E-Mail:

Please copy the name of your Table Captain from this list, and paste below:

Ed Abdelnour & Michael Coppola

Robert Biddleman & Dan Sullivan


Len Comeau & Edd Russo

Jeff Currey

Maria DeBartlo-Benson

Joseph DeMaio & Jocelyn DeMaio

Maria Ellis

Linda Estabrook

Arthur Galinat & Jacques Lamarre

Donna Gerard

Michael Goldfarb

Martin L. Heft & Andrew M. Nerney

Brad & Flint Kleinerman-Gehre

E. John McGarvey

Roy Moeckel

Wendy Murphy-Graveley & Brenton Graveley

Adam Nicholson

Eric Ouellette & David Belles

Dr. Adam Perrin & Alison Perrin

Stein Ramstad

Ezra & Chrissie Ripple

John Rzasa

Suzanne Shayer & Jenn Tate

Nick Sheridan

Michael Stenko & Willie Philo

Veronica Woodard

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