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Meet Luci & David

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Luci and David raised their family at the Y because it's an inclusive community

“The YMCA is technically the Young Men’s Christian Association– yet we see Jewish families here, Muslim families here, non-Christian families here. We see people from lots of ethnicities and we appreciate that. I don’t want to go to a country club where everybody is just like me,” shared David. Luci adds, “you can walk through the door of the Y with a different body type or a different ethnicity or a different anything and there’s just no judgement here for the kids or us adults as well.”  

The Y has been the centerpiece for every stage of their life and over the years, both Luci and David have tried new things to better their mental health and wellness at the Y. When their children were young, they participated in art, dance, sports, birthday parties, youth nights, and so many other healthy living activities. 

Luci shared, “What has always impressed me about the Y is the diversity of activities. It’s so clear that the Y has thought very deeply about what people need at different stages.” 

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