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Please join us as LAMPLighters celebrates 

the season and presents 

the 34th Annual Silver Coffee

Please RSVP below whether or not you can attend Silver Coffee on Friday, December 8th, 2023 from 11am to 1pm, and see opportunities below for pre-purchased items. 


  • NON-MEMBER?  Purchase a single event ticket for $65 OR - better yet - revisit our home page to join our membership for a mere $60 more NOW ($125 total) and your Silver Coffee event ticket is included!

  • CURRENT MEMBER? Please select you membership level using the drop down menu below.  Please RSVP for yourself as well as each of your known guests based on your level.  If a guest's name is unknown please type in TBD.  If you are not using all of your allocated tickets, simply type NOT USING in the remaining fields for guests names.  For example, if I am a member who has up to 4 tickets but will only use two - one for myself and one for a guest, I would fill in (1) Jane Doe; (2) Sally Smith; (3) Not Using; (4) Not Using.

  • UNSURE OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP LEVEL?  Use the button below that says LAMPLighters homepage and member level to access our reference chart OR contact Susan Stern, VP of Membership, at (813) 263-7047.
  • EVENT TICKETS: You can purchase additional tickets. 

    • Jingle Bells, Sleigh Bells, Christmas Bells, Silver Bells-Your generous donation will provide a child in need with gifts during the holiday, deliver healthy meals, contribute towards academic and counseling assistance, and supply essential living needs.
    • Chance drawing tickets available for purchase.

Thank you!

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Additional Purchases

The spirit of the season will ring out with your Silver Bells donation which will create a memorable Christmas morning for a child served by one of our shelters as well as a contribution towards counseling, tutoring, clothing, and meals.
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Bells will toll with joy by providing essential living needs for a child at MetMin or Joshua House. In addition to the immediate needs to make their Christmas bright, there will be funds for bedding, clothing, and care.
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Hear hope ring with your donation which provides a special gift on Christmas morning as well as a festive and healthy holiday meal for a child in dire need.
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Smile when you imagine the happiness of a child at a shelter opening a special gift on Christmas morning.
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Fifteen chances to win a gift basket.
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Five chances to win a gift basket.
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Two chances to win a gift basket.
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One chance to win a gift basket.
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