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Greater North County Chamber of Commerce

52nd Annual Golf Tournament

Friday, June 4th, 2021

Florissant Golf Club


16 bottles of whiskey, bourbon, scotch, etc., & cigars

16 bottles of whisky, bourbon, scotch, etc., & cigars

$20 per team!

Ball lands on black - Tee off from 200 yard marker

Ball lands on red - Tee off from 150 yard marker

Ball lands on 0 or 00 - Tee off from 100 yard marker

*Each spot will be marked with a sign*

For just $25, you could end up with up to 9 cards to have build a poker hand by the end of the tournament. 

When you are on a par 3 hole, if you get your ball on the green when you tee off, you will draw two cards!

If you fail to hit your ball on the green when you tee off, you can draw one card.

You may do this at all of the par 3 holes (#4, #8, #13, & #15).

HOLD ON TO ALL OF YOUR CARDS! At the end of the tournament, we will toss a coin to see if highest or lowest hand wins.

***Jokers are wild!***

Tee off by shooting your ball out of an AR-15!!

$20 per person

**All proceeds go The Backstoppers**

Make your life easier & save money with this Raffle Package!

Package includes:

4 Traeger raffle tickets

4 Cigar & Whiskey raffle tickets

4 50/50 raffle tickets

Poker run for 1 person


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