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Participation in this year's Light the Journey Gala is available at no cost to all. You can also make a contribution in conjunction with your registration to support the Chapter's programs and services.

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Participate in the live Gala at Home program and bid on exciting auction items to support our work.

$100 can give someone a microphone and headset to bank their voice at home, allowing them to use their voice even after ALS robs them of it. 

$250 can purchase a wheelchair for someone who is losing their ability to walk, helping to maintain mobility and lessen isolation throughout ALS progression.

$500 can outfit a person’s home with a complete smart-home technology array, creating a greater sense of independence by allowing a person with ALS to control their surroundings.

$1,000 can enable almost two months of caregiver support through our Jack Norton Respite Program, giving dedicated caregivers a much-needed break by providing skilled home healthcare support to a person living with ALS.




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