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Get ready to put your knowledge to the test at Guiding Harbor's Virtual Trivia Night on February 3rd! Join us for an exciting evening of friendly competition as teams vie for the coveted title of Trivia Champions. This event is not just about fun and games; it's an important fundraising effort that fuels Guiding Harbor's mission to improve the quality of lives for children and families. If you would like any Guiding Harbor materials sent to you so you and your guests can learn more about the work that we do, please email Nicole at to get those things sent out to you.

You will receive an email with the zoom information and Crowdpurr passcode that will give you access to the trivia questions.

Your support means the world to us as we continue to make a difference in the lives of children in Michigan's foster care system. Thank you for being part of our journey at Guiding Harbor.


 •Make this a fun time! We are encouraging all of the teams to wear costumes or have a theme. At the end of the Trivia Night, we will all vote for best costumes/theme!


• You can play solo or assemble a team. Your team must be in one geographic location (your house, for instance), and one person will input answers for the team. 

• We recommend two devices for play: 1. One for running Zoom: we suggest having a laptop or a desktop to run the Zoom call. It will feature the presentation of the event by the Head Mistress Marie with all the audio and video. This isn't mandatory to play, but we think the experience will be better with it. The game and its flow are tied to what transpires on that zoom call (i.e. We will be reading questions live, then unlocking the answers once the question finishes). We will share more details and the rules for the game at the beginning of the event, they will be slightly different from the rules for our usual live events. 

Tip: if you have the functionality, projecting on a smart-enabled TV works well too. 2. The second for running Crowdpurr: we recommend the use of a cell phone, tablet, or second computer to login to the game to record your answers. 


• There will be 5 rounds with 10 or 20 questions each round. There will be 1 break for 5 minutes. • The team will have 20 seconds to answer each question. Question points are awarded both on accuracy and speed. If you answer correctly and quickly, you will be awarded more points than someone answering at a slower pace. Select your teammate with the quickest trigger thumb or finger to manage the Crowdpurr device!

 • During the break, we invite chatter, and you are welcome to introduce yourself. It is fun to see other teams over video!    


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