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Swirl 2023 will bring the best of the past ten years to life through a curated selection of our highest-rated wines and reimagined spins on past Swirl dishes guaranteed to surprise and delight.

All proceeds from the event will support student and faculty development, travel stipends for regional and national competitions, and unique international learning opportunities for those in Central Piedmont’s Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry Arts, and Hospitality Management programs.

In addition to enjoying outstanding food and wine pairings during the event, all guests will have the opportunity to bid on unique culinary and travel experiences as well as purchase mystery wine bottles as part of the inaugural Wine Pull. Come prepared to enjoy an evening of fine foods and fundraising for a great cause.

February 24, 2023  |  7 p.m. 

Central Piedmont Community College 
Philip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Center 
425 North Kings Drive, Charlotte, NC 28204 
(Corner of Kings Drive and 7th Street) 

Complimentary valet parking will be available.

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