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Step 1 of 5 - Your keyword. Pick something that you can use for all your events over multiple years. We recommend an abbreviation of your organization name. Stay away from the name of your gala and year numbers. Short and sweet is best.
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The trial version contains all the features of the full version with the exception that you are limited to 10 bidders, 10 items for 30 days. If you choose to continue using ClickBid Mobile Bidding you can enter your credit card info on the Software Settings >> Account Status page. You may also cancel your trial at any time without being charged.

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ClickBid Mobile Bidding gives you everything you need to run four successful mobile bidding auctions, Text-to-Give and Online donations for a full year! Does it get better than that? Not that we know of.

Fund-A-Need Notice

Fund-A-Need gives you everything to run a successful fund-a-need event including mass messaging, check-in and check-out. Beginning to end, this is a great option for your single fundraising event.

Optional Features - These can also be added later.

Dedicated Customer Advisor (first event) $400.00
Mass Messaging to Bidders $400.00
Online Ticket Sales $200.00
Enhanced Landing Page $200.00
EventStream $500.00
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