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Who Your Donation Helps

"Absolutely wonderful, caring  doctor and staff. I was lost, I could never save enough money for my dental treatment while on SSDI. VINA made everything possible including having a BEAUTIFUL smile during my daughter's wedding!!

- Paula, VINA Patient 

"Without VINA, I would not have good dental care. Since good dental care is important to overall health, I feel VINA is a big contributor to maintaining my self care. I am very grateful for the positive difference VINA makes in my health. The staff and everyone who provides service are THE BEST." 

- Karen, VINA Patient

"Everyone at VINA is absolutely wonderful. In short, my experience was my personal miracle and everyone involved I consider to be an Earth angel. I can honestly say that I had the best dental experience I’ve ever had. The ladies that work there are very compassionate took the time to answer my questions, made sure I was comfortable and ready for my extraction. I had a very stubborn tooth with long roots. Went very well. I love those ladies.” 

– Kim, VINA Patient

"To be able to have access to affordable dental care is such a relief. Health-wise, it’s such an ease on my body to know I have somewhere to go and people to help and advise me. It’s significantly less stress on my body.”

 - Tim, VINA Patient

“I had many decayed and fractured teeth due to lack of dental care that I could not afford. My teeth were quite painful and I often had to dig out the decay and broken parts of my teeth. I became aware of VINA and they got me in as soon as possible. I had to get almost all my teeth pulled but it actually felt better. Now, I got dentures and am looking forward to being able to smile again thanks to VINA!

– Laura, VINA Patient