United Way of Rockland County

Annual Super Raffle

Raffle Details

Raffle Details

Annually, the United Way of Rockland County conducts our Super Raffle Drawing. Participants have a 1 in 300 chance of winning $5,000 with every raffle ticket purchase. The drawing will be held one week after our Guest Bartending event (11/3/22) and will be drawn at our offices on Thursday, November 10th. Raffle participants do NOT need to be in attendance to claim their prize. The winner will be notified on Friday, November 11th using the contact information they provide UWRC. Enter your email address or phone number above to register and purchase your raffle tickets.

About United Way of Rockland County

The United Way of Rockland County (UWRC) is a reflection of United Way Worldwide (UWW) and the numerous other branches throughout the world. UWRC shares the vision of all the fellow branches to achieve positive outcomes for our communities’ education, financial stability, and health through collaboration. In Rockland County, we are facing numerous social issues related to these key tenets of our values as an agency. UWRC is dedicated to finding solutions to the crises facing our community in collaboration with our partners in non-profits, government, and business. 

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