TVS Auction 2022

Auction Details

Saturday, April 9, 2022

The Social Space
201 S. Calhoun
Fort Worth, TX 76104

6:30 p.m.

Dinner & Drinks  ∙  Celebration  ∙  Live Auction  ∙  Band and DJ

Neon Casual


Auction Co-Chairs
Kristin Anderson & Stacy Hamilton

TVS Parents' Club President
Heather Breiter

TVS Staff Liaisons
Lisa Grider & Ashley Robinson



Ashli Rosenthal Blumenfeld '99 and Todd Blumenfeld
Michelle and Corey Kyle '04
Mary and Markus Kypreos '96
Sarah and David Rader
Madolin and Ben Rosenthal '01
Sonya and Amar Tanna '99
Evelyn and Bryan Walsh '99

DAZZLING DONORS $5,000 to $9,999
Vanessa and Carl Aasletten
Megan and Matthew Deen 
Jennifer and David Kostohryz '97
Jenny Kostohryz Rosell '95 and Andrew Rosell

GLEAMING GIVERS $2,500 to $4,999
Kristin and Jeff Anderson
The Bebee Family
Jennifer and Sam Demel
Lane and Joe Gallagher '85
Stacie and Marc Goldman '92
Stacy and Steve Hamilton
Mindy and Tom Hegi
Kellie and Maxwell Lea
Shannon and Michael Moore
Erin and Dan Roark
Laura and Brett Scarbrough
Lori Katz Sturman '01 and Brad Sturman
Maddy Simmons and John Webb

Elizabeth Azerad

Brackett & Ellis, P.C.
The Bebee Family
Jessica and William Biggs
Mary and Anthony Cole
Telesa and Patrick Jones 
Phil and Theresa Kauffman
Carrie and Michael King
Mel and Jon Kurkjian
Kate and Shannon Norris
Jude and Marc Sloter
Bekah and Tim Trout

Auction Committee

Auction Co-Chairs
Kristin Anderson & Stacy Hamilton 

Class Art Liaison 
Latoyer Houston

Data Entry - Catalog
Courtney Radcliffe

Decorations Committee
Ashley McClure (Co-Chair)
Natalie Richardson (Co-Chair)

Erin Barnes
Mary Ellen Becker
Lindsey Karakourtis
Sana Muntajibuddin Kahn
Whitney Rudner

Facility/Logistics Committee
Geraldine Williams (Chair)
Stacie Goldman
Kellie Lea
Sarah Meek

Faculty Experiences Committee
Angie Bulaich (Co-Chair)
Sarah Jackson (Co-Chair)
Emily Trigger (Co-Chair) 

Emily Strong (Calendar)
Allison Langston

Live Auction
Shelby Crawford

Parent-Hosted Parties Committee
Lea Lewis (Co-Chair)
Jamie St. Peter (Co-Chair)

Raffle Baskets Committee
Abby Bebee (Co-Chair)
Emily Miller (Co-Chair)

Silent Auction Committee
Pia Lederman (Chair)

Teddi Barry
Casey Creager
Alice Finkelstein
Diana Garrett
Tandra Langford
Brittany Voxland

Wine Pull
Michelle Kyle (Co-Chair)

Sonya Tanna (Co-Chair)

Additional Volunteers
Amy Howell
Alison Lynch 
Uma Nambiar