SRA CEO Letter to Community

Students Rising Above continues to  help our students confront a grave  educational crisis brought on by the  COVID-19 pandemic, overcome the  impact of the California wildfires, and  withstand the stress that comes with  living in a currently chaotic society.  We are profoundly inspired by the resiliency  and strength of our students, but the urgency  and complexity of their needs continue to grow.  

Without intervention, the achievement gap  between low-income, first-generation students  and their peers will continue to widen. Now  more than ever, SRA’s support is crucial for  these students.  

The events of this year threaten to derail the  educational journey of our students. While their  circumstances and needs are changing daily,  our dedication to supporting them remains the  same - we need your help. 

Please support our SRA students now. They are  our future, and they are our hope. 

With your help, our students will persevere,  continue their pursuit of a quality post secondary education, and go on to secure  fulfilling and meaningful careers. Their success  fuels a more diverse and inclusive workforce  and thriving economy for us all. 

Together as a community, we can and will help  make change happen. Join us today, for a better  tomorrow. 



Elizabeth Devaney 

Chief Executive Officer 

Students Rising Above

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