"If You Give a Child a Book..."

Putting books into the hands of children in need

About Our Event

Thanks to The E.W. Scripps Company's Simplemost and Don't Waste Your Money, the Scripps Howard Fund is hosting an online auction November 7 - 11, 2022 to benefit our national "If You Give a Child a Book..." campaign. The money raised will be used to put books into the hands of children in need across the country.

Who is invited to participate?

All Scripps employees are invited to participate in the online auction.

Where these products come from:

The teams at Simplemost and Don't Waste Your Money are purchasing and gently testing common household items to check for their quality and durability. The results of their tests are being published on Don't Waste Your Money so you can make smart purchasing decisions for you and your family. The items you see in this auction are the top products of each category (so none of the duds!).

Each product has been re-packaged in its original box and is in like-new condition. Items range in price from $5 to $172 and include baby gear, kitchenware, electronics, and more!

Items will be shipped to you for free!

After the auction ends, the item(s) you've won will be shipped to you for free. No cash will be accepted - bidders must complete their purchase online.

How it works:

Bidding on every item starts at 45% off (or 55% of Fair Market Value - FMV). Items can also be purchased outright if a bidder is willing to pay the FMV. If bidding exceeds FMV for an item, the amount over the FMV is what is tax-deductible.

When does the online auction end?

Final bids must be placed by 5:00PM EST on Friday November 11, 2022.

About Simplemost & Don't Waste Your Money Product Testing:

With hundreds of websites providing reviews on products, it can be overwhelming to know where to go and who to trust when you're trying to determine the best product to buy. This is where the Don't Waste Your Money team wants to help. Their team analyzes thousands of product reviews from trusted websites. They then create a score that "melts" together their own hands-on testing with the ratings and recommendations from other trusted sites. The result is the DWYM Review Score, which is a 1-10 rating. The result is an unbiased rating for the products you want to purchase, with the best products rising to the top.

Thanks to the DWYM team, you can bid on terrific prizes and at the same time donate to the "If You Give a Child a Book..." general fund. This money will be used to purchase books at a reduced cost for children in need. Since the inception of the campaign in 2016, the Scripps Howard Fund will distribute its 1,000,000th book to a child in need this school year! Books are distributed to children enrolled in Title 1 schools, where the majority of students are at or below the poverty line, or nonprofit organizations that focus on childhood literacy.

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