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Agriculture Threatens Ecosystems Worldwide

Global food production, including animal agriculture, is taking a heavy toll on the environment through habitat loss, carbon dioxide emissions, pollution, soil erosion, eradication of top predator species, and consumption of scarce water resources. Forests and other carbon-sequestering plant life are cleared or burned to provide land for less-biodiverse commercial crops and animal agriculture. The environmental impact of humanity's dietary dependence on meat, milk, and eggs is profound. Agriculture and commercial fisheries are among the primary drivers of wildlife population and local biodiversity declines as food production increases, wildlife populations decline, leading to species extinctions. With your help, we can save the rainforests and the planet.


Help us save the planet!

Your donations help us provide life saving resources to millions of acres of forests. Please consider a donation by registering and giving today! Help us reach our goal of $20,000.

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