About Our Event

About Our Fire Sale

Couldn't make it to the show? Didn't get online before the auction

 closed? Don't like competing with others and just want to buy it?

Well now's your chance to be a winner! 

What's a fire sale? 

It is an opportunity to buy items from the Best In Show Auction at 

a reduced cost.

(In other words, it's a great deal for you and it still helps our team!)

View the collection and snag your favorite piece or get a gift 

for someone!

Scroll down to preview the items and to buy a piece, simply type

in your bidder number below!

Note: We took new photos when the art was on the wall at the church to show

the true beauty of each piece that includes the frames. Now the pictures better 

reflect what you are bringing home! 

Register For The Fire Sale

Register For Our Fire Sale

All items are available through our mobile bidding site at set prices. 

You can buy from your phone or your computer. 

You must have a bidder number in order to purchase an item.

If you already have a bidder number from the Best In Show Auction, you can use 

that to purchase an item in this sale.

Don't have a bidder number yet? Register here: 

Our Mission

Paws and Affection is a nonprofit 501c3 with the mission to train service, facility, and companion dogs for young people who have a range of disabilities in the greater Philadelphia area and to educate the public about service dogs and their role in the community. Our goal is to empower these children with independence and confidence by matching them with amazing dogs. 

To learn more about us, visit our website: 


Photo credit: Free People

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