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About Adoption Options

With a mission to provide non-sectarian adoption services for Colorado residents, a group of adoptive parents and adoption professionals formed Adoption Options in 1981. The philosophy the agency carries to this day is a simple one of partnership. This applies to adoptive parents, birth parents, community partners and child welfare agencies. 

The central service of Adoption Option is the free, non-judgmental counseling program for women and couples who are considering adoption. This program counsels over 250 birth parent clients each year. Qualified counselors offer objective and supportive counseling throughout the lengthy decision making and emotional healing process, regardless of the final choice of the birth parents. 

Additionally, Adoption Options offers a Flexible Families Program to place children from the child welfare system into safe, stable families. After placement, a team of professionals work to ensure families have adequate resources and services to promote success for the child and family. 

Adoption Options is proud to carry the Innovator seal from the Human Rights Campaign offering our services to all people irrespective of age, religion, ethnic or racial background, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or disability. Adoption Options is an agency committed to helping clients devise an adoption plan that is tailored to their individual needs and wishes.

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