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                                                                                                Mark and Mary Bassett

Community Leaders                                              Visionary                                                  Champion                            

Jim and Gail Cross                                                                   Brian and Lissa Ames                                    John Nosal and Julia Reinhart-Nosal 

Jeanne Dodd                                                                               Michael and Victoria Briggs                      Bill and Cynthia Schuette 

Jim Fitterling and Alex Lee                                                 Robert and Kathleen Hansen                   Robert and Mary Smith

Stephanie Williams and Hans Karsten                                                                                                            Amy and Doak Stolz                                                                                              

Hero                                                                                                                                                     Friend                                                            

Kevin and Cheryl Collins                                                       Assumption of the B.V.M  Church                  Mark and Denise O'Keefe               

Joe and Stacy Dostal                                                               Kirk and Dawn Bortel                                            Edward and Indira Oskvarek

William and Kathleen Fothergill                                      Bart and Liz Bowser                                                Stephanie H. Pereira 

John and Mary Gorte                                                             Mike and Cindy Costello                                       Renee Pettinger 

Will and Mary Greeley                                                          Richard and Donna Dolinski                               Dr. Jack and Lydia Pinney 

James and Sue LaBean                                                          James and Evangeline Fabiano                         Diane and Donald Slattery

Bernard J. Meister                                                                   Caroline and Frederick Holland                        Jessica Snyder

Terence and Carleen Moore                                              Victor and Kristin Hosfeld                                   Mark and Linda Stachowiak

Richard Rausch (in memory of Susan Rausch)       Heather Krantz, CPA, PLC                                    Joann and Richard Surma

Richard and Tricia Sommer                                                Bob Marsh and Leah Kickbusch-Marsh       Dr. Bart Thompson DDS 

Dave and Ruth Sutton                                                           Gregory F. Meyers                                                     John and Duffy Vander Male

                                                                                                            Dan and Marcella Mushrush                                Sally Wilson

                                                                                                            New Life Vineyard Church                                    Selma Yamamoto

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Gregg and Marilyn Zank 


Paul and Carol Boothroyd

Hilary Ferguson

Richard and M. Catherine Lundgard

Donald and Francine Padgett

Meet Our Event Chairs

Mary Bassett connected with Open Door at an event hosted at her parish, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in 2019. Though Mary had glimpses of the Open Door when their family first moved to Midland in 2004, this was her first face-to-face introduction with its mission and purpose.

Mary remembers being immediately struck with the welcoming and hospitable nature of Open Door’s campuses. “You don’t necessarily expect to see this level of quality and attention to detail,” Mary said. “It’s not a train station; it’s a home.”

In the summer of 2019, Mary and her husband Mark hosted a fundraising event at their home featuring food prepared by Open Door volunteers. Once again, Mary witnessed firsthand the talent and time poured into each detail of the organization, and invited her close friends to join them in bringing help and hope to neighbors in need.

Mark and Mary Bassett are no strangers to philanthropic work in the tri-cities. As the chairman and CEO of Hemlock Semiconductor, Mark has been a community leader for several years, including serving on the boards of Covenant Hospital and the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce. In 2019, Mark was also the chairperson of the United Way of Saginaw County’s annual campaign.

About Midland's Open Door

Midland’s Open Door desires to see the homeless, hungry and hurting experience the life-transforming power of the gospel of Christ, becoming godly disciples and faithful stewards of all God has given them.

To do this, we meet people at their point of need, transitioning them from a position of crisis to a posture of hope. Next, we walk with them, teaching and modeling how to enjoy God, utilize their gifts to serve others, and live godly, interdependent lives.

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