Get Ready for the 21st ONE BIG EVENT on Nov. 11. 2023

The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective is 

looking forward to another terrific fundraiser.

We'd love to have YOU to be a part of the celebration! 

The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective's 21st One Big Event is coming on Nov. 11 and you won't want to miss this amazing night.  This salute to Connecticut's oldest LGBTQ+ health agency will be held at the Hartford Marriott Hotel from 6-11pm.  

Your attendance that night will make a real difference not just for the organization, but for the community.  Our programs and services are utilized by people from all over the state: 

HIV testing & counseling, PAP testing, Hepatitis A & B and Gardasil vaccinations, Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) diagnosis and treatment, Information and referrals for PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), Dental Program, breast exams, pelvic exams and mammogram referrals.  Plus, our referral list of LGBTQ friendly providers and organizations, Queer Prom, support group, services for people living with HIV/AIDS, including Dental Services, food distribution & meals and care for their pets and much more.  See it all at   

EVERYONE benefits from the work of the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective.  We work with you to make healthy and positive choices in your life.  Every day we help people save their lives.  Do your part and support the Health Collective – be a part of the One Big Event that keeps us going strong.  

We have an enticing menu for the evening and if you really want to enjoy the party, we have a special rate for OBE guests who wish to stay overnight.  This offer expires Oct. 21, so don't delay.

There are many ways to be a part of this fantastic evening.  To say this is a group effort would be an understatement.  We have many partners who contribute to the success not just of One Big Event, but of the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective.  

Be a ONE BIG EVENT Sponsor!

Put your business or organization in the spotlight as an OBE sponsor.  We have some great benefits to sweeten the deal.

One Big Event Sponsors play a special role in the success of our fundraiser.  Your business or organization will shine in the spotlight when you are on the roster of Sponsors.  Show your involvement with the LGBTQ+ and HIV communities in Connecticut.   Your commitment to the work of the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective makes a powerful statement. Learn about our great Sponsor benefits HERE.

Thanks so much to this year's One Big Event Sponsors:

Biggest Sponsor

Seriously Big Sponsor

Really, Really Big Sponsor

Really Big Sponsor

Even Bigger Sponsor

Bigger Sponsor

Berkshire Bank



ION Bank

Charlotte Kinlock and Anne Stanback

Mohegan Sun

Sun Life


Big Sponsor

American Eagle Financial Credit Union

Assured Partners

Bridge Tax Advisors


Hilb Group

ProHealth Physicians

Pullman & Comley

Westfield Bank

Wheeler Clinic

Be a Part of the ONE BIG EVENT Auction!

Who doesn’t love the excitement of an auction?  Your product, service or collectible can inspire longing in others.  Your generosity can help the Health Collective.   

Download our Auction Donation Form today!

Stand Out in Our Program Book! Make a Splash as a Table Captain!

 Your advertisement will look fabulous in our Program Book.  Your ad will shine in this beautiful setting!  Click here for more information.

Be a One Big Event Table Captain

We Think YOU Have What It Takes to Make an Outstanding Table Captain 

The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective has a party coming up and we want YOU to be there!  We need people who are outgoing, have a big heart, friendly, hip and know how to have a good time.  Could that person be…..YOU?  Yes, indeed!   

As a Table Captain , you help to make One Big Event a success.    This year is especially important and we are asking for YOU to step up to be a Table Captain. We are very excited as we celebrate our 40th anniversary.  Your help will be invaluable to the event's success. 

We hope we can count on you to bring your network of family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to make this a special night as we celebrate our work helping our community.  Please join our other committed partners:

Ed Abdelnour & Mike Coppola

Dr. Ken Abriola and George Teran


Kristin Campanelli & Tara Chozet

Len Comeau and Tom Gigliotti

CT Gay & Lesbian Chamber

Anthony DiLizia & Kyle Pierson

Joe DeMaio and Jocelyn DeMaio

Craig Diangelo & Frank Stevens

Ron Funaro

Arthur Galinat & Jacques Lamarre

David & Chris Grant

Michael Grubb & Kevin Masse

Hartford HealthCare

Bradley Harper & Scott Walter and Wendy & Brenton Graveley

Dale Hoyt & Thomas Ledvorowski

E John McGarvey

Miguel Miranda

Christopher Neeb

Eric Ouellette & David Belles

Robert Reader & Chris Bonatsakis

Elise & Andrea Schreier

Dr. David Shapiro and Chion Wolf

Nick & Jennifer Sheridan