Event Livestream

The event will stream live on this webpage and on YouTube on Thursday, October 7th at 7pm CDT! If you'd prefer watching the event on TV, you can search "Ndajee 2021" using the YouTube app on your Roku or Apple TV. Thank you to our Title Sponsor, Splunk, for making this event possible

Digital Program Book

Browse through our program book to prepare for the 10/7 live event, and to learn about our event sponsors!

Virtual Paddle Raise

Please make a gift at your convenience to help us raise our $200,000 fundraising goal! Below is a sampling of the impact your donation will make at each level:



Event Sponsors

Title Sponsor

PhD Sponsors


Lucy & Peter Ascoli

Manaaki Foundation

Sarah Miyata & Stephen Weber 

Master's Sponsor

Moller Family Foundation

University Sponsors


Lynn Besser

Regine & Rick Corrado

Marie & Jorge Olmos

Lisa Snow & Franco Turrinelli

Maya Bhati White

High School Sponsors


Jennifer Bathgate & John Iatonna

Donna Cook & Matt Maciejewski

April & Paul Donnellan

Teenie Matlock & Paul Maglio

Aimee & Joe Mills

Kaleen Moriarty & Justin Hilson

Heidi Olsen

Florence & Igor Playner

Middle School Sponsors



Amar Bhati

Elizabeth Bennan & Lincoln Ellis

Nancy Juda & Jens Brasch

Pascale & Tom Kichler 

Norma Maglio

Diane Raymond 

Betty & Jack Schafer

Joan & Bruce Sherman

Phyllis Valentine

Walder Charitable Fund

Young Professionals Board

Host Sponsors

Eileen Conaghan

Anton Hopkins

Juliana Kerr 

Cindy & Steve Mitchell 

Tria Raimundo

The Ryan Family

Julie Stagliano

Bill Taylor