New City Neighbors' 2021 Fundraiser

join us in empowering youth to reach their full potential

Fundraiser Info


  • Date: June 24
  • Schedule: 

  • Address: 
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  • For the first time, event attendees will be asked to use mobile devices to bid on items and make purchases. Before the event, please read the "How to Use Mobile Bidding" section of this page to read about how this works.


  • Balloon Pop: Pay a flat rate to pop a balloon that will unveil an item you will win. Every balloon is a winner!
  • Basket Raffle: Purchase tickets that you can distribute across multiple great basket sets. Before the live auction, we will draw one ticket for each basket to announce the winners!
  • Silent Auction: Use your phone or other mobile device to bid on items during the first portion of the evening. Make sure to read the "How to Use Mobile Bidding" section of this page to read about how this works. 
  • Live Auction: After our presentation, hear about and bid on several exceptional packages that will include getaways, opportunities to treat yourself, and more!
  • Become an Event Sponsor: Become an event sponsor to receive several great perks, including brand visibility and seats at one of our tables. Click "Buy Tickets / Become a Sponsor" to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities. 

About New City Neighbors

New City Neighbors is a faith-based community development organization in Grand Rapids’ Creston Neighborhood. We work with a diverse community of urban youth in 1st to 12th grade by focusing on literacy, academic success, social-emotional learning, workforce development, and youth employment. We believe that when children’s minds, bodies, and spirit are well nourished and when they have a safe environment, they flourish. When children are supported, they are a vital part of creating a thriving community.

Our mission is to empower youth to reach their full potential. Click here to meet some of our youth and hear about our programs. 


  • Elementary Youth: Children in grades 1 to 5 attend our summer camp and afterschool programs, where they focus on literacy, spiritual growth, healthy living, social-emotional learning, and leadership.
  • Middle School Students: Youth in grades 6 to 8 are introduced to job skills in our bakery, where they work in a commercial kitchen, making quality products sold at New City Cafe.
  • High School Employees: Teens work either in our elementary programs (to support younger children in building a foundation in literacy, academics and spiritual growth) or in one of our social enterprises, New City Farm and New City Cafe. Youth experience workforce development while building skills in leadership, classroom management, sustainable agriculture, culinary entrepreneurship, customer service, and marketing.


  • New City Cafe: The Cafe successfully launched as a social enterprise in 2017. High school and middle school youth work together to run a weekly farm-to-table restaurant from July to September. The cafe sells delicious youth-made soups, salads, wood-fired pizzas and baked goods on our outdoor patio using produce grown on our farm. 
  • New City Farm: The Farm provides youth employment while increasing access to produce for 250 farm share families each year. Youth employees plant, weed, tend, harvest, market, and sell the vegetables and fruit that they grow. Low income families can stretch food dollars while making healthy choices by using EBT/SNAP benefits and Double Up Food Bucks to purchase farm shares.

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How to Use Mobile Bidding

With mobile bidding, bidding for items is now easier than ever! Once you have checked in you will receive a welcome text message with a link. Simply tap on the link to load your confirmation page.


  • Tickets: We do not use physical tickets for our event. Click the button below to purchase a ticket.

  • Guests: You will be asked to enter the phone number and email of each guest for whom you purchase a ticket. Phone numbers will be used to send a link for e-bidding during the event. Emails will be used to send receipts for purchases made during the event. If you do not know the name or contact info for each of your guests, that's OK - you may still purchase a seat and later add that information. After submitting payment for the seats, you will receive an email that will allow you to add and update guest information.
  • Register to Bid: During the week of the event, you will be able to register for mobile bidding (this is done separately from purchasing a seat!). You will receive a text and/or email once you are able to register to bid. 


  • Place bids in seconds: Either swipe up and browse items or tap MENU to search or filter items. Once you find an item you wish to bid on, simply tap Bid/Info, More/Buy or Donate to bid, buy or donate. From there you simply choose an amount and we’ll do the rest.
  • If you're outbid: We keep track of your bids for you and once you have been outbid we’ll immediately send a text message to your phone and show you an on-screen alert. You can easily jump back into your account and make sure you don’t miss out.
  • Watch your bids like a pro with My Bids: You won’t miss a beat with your bidding history filters which show you items you are winning, watching and losing. We keep this page focused on the items you’re interested in so you don’t get distracted and lose an item. You can find your filters under the MENU button.
  • If you need help: If you ever need help you can locate a bidding assistant to remove a bid, lookup items, or bid on your behalf. We’ve got your back!


  • Better security: Mobile bidding allows guests to enter their payment information on a secure platform that allows them to know that their information will be safe.
  • More efficiency: Because mobile bidding will send you updates when you are outbid, mobile bidding allows you to track items more efficiently. And, because receipts will be sent to each guest's email through a secure platform, this will also allow you more immediate access to a detailed receipt of your expenses.