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Why JA Central Ontario? | Our Mission

JA Central Ontario's mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a changing global economy. 
Through JA Central Ontario learning experiences, young people gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to build their future.
Collaborating with the JA network of corporate partners, volunteers and teachers, JA's digitally-enabled experiences fuel students' dreams, bolster their potential, and create the foundation for the economy and society of tomorrow. 

Don't see anything you like or need?! You can make a gift to JA Central Ontario today
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Did you know your gift of...

$500 | Kickstarts an entrepreneurial journey for one high school student. 
Your gift to our Company Program helps cultivate future business leaders by providing high school students with an essential entrepreneurial experience.

$250 | Gives 3 students access to professional mentorship. 
Your gift connects three students to corporate volunteers who will give their time and expertise to help them develop the critical skills and confidence required to land their first job.

$100 | Provides teaching resources & access to 20 students. 
Your gift supports educators with teaching materials for financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship program materials for one class, which helps them learn how to make smart financial decisions and live debt free. 

$50 | Enables one student to spark their career path. 
Your gift allows one student to attend a work readiness workshop and prepare for employment by exploring career pathways and developing a career map while learning to build their personal brand.


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*Auction donors confirmed as of November 22, 2021


How To Register:

  1. To Register for a bidder number, go to and click on the Register Now button. 
  2. Then fill out the rest of the form and click on submit.

Participated in the Auction Last Year: 

  1. Participated in the auction last year but don’t remember your bidder #? Type your phone # or email address in the bidder # box. Tap GO. You also can tap on the "?" for help.

How To Bid:

  1. Enter into your browser’s address bar.
  2. Enter in your bidder number, phone number or email address and tap GO.
  3. Confirm you are the name listed (a password may be required at this time) then hit "Continue".
  4. Once completely logged in, you can search by item #, keyword, or by category.
  5. To place a bid tap on the blue "Bid/Info" button. There you can place a fast bid, bid or set a max bid, and read details about items. 
  6. Tap on MENU > MY ITEMS to view your activity throughout the event.


  • I forgot my bidder #? Type your phone # or email address in the bidder # box. Tap GO. You also can tap on the "?" for help.
  • What if I don’t remember my password? Type your phone # or email address in the bidder # box. Tap GO. You then tap on the “forgot” next to the password box. You will then be prompted to put in your registered email or cell phone number to have a temporary password sent to you. Once you log in click on the gear icon by your name to set a password you will remember. 
  • How do I remove a bid? Right after you place a bid, you have the option to "undo" on the confirmation banner at the top of the screen. Once this banner goes away, you will need to contact the auction representative to request the bid be removed.
  • I already selected "no" or replied "STOP" to the SMS text message alerts, not realizing that I wouldn't receive outbid notices. Can I fix it? Yes! Text "START" to 56651 to begin receiving these once again.
  • How do I place a Max Bid? To place a "max bid", tap on Bid/Info > BID/SET MAX > select the amount you are willing to spend on the item > SET MAX. The system will bid up to that amount for you automatically. You will be notified via text message if you are outbid on this item.
  • About Max Bidding: If one bidder has set a bid to $200 and another bidder uses the Max Bid option to set a bid at $200 the bidder who placed the Max Bid will always win that item unless of course their Max Bid is exceeded by another bid over the $200. 
  • Did I win? Once the auction has closed, you can look under MENU/MY ITEMS to view everything that you have won/purchased. 

How to Checkout From Your Phone: You can securely checkout from your phone with a credit card. Once you have a checkout available, a red "Pay!" button will appear at the top of your bidding screen. Tap on this button to proceed to checkout. You will then be prompted to have the system checkout by processing payment for all your items and donations on the credit card supplied at the time of registration. 

Please note- Auction items do not receive a donation receipt. All physical items will be shipped out to winning bidders following the event (see shipping details in item descriptions as some items the shipping will be at the purchaser’s expense). All digital items will be sent via email following the event to the registered email on file of the winning bidder.