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About the Online Auction

This year our Interactive Virtual Gala will feature a stellar group of artists who will be auctioning their work. We are featuring artworks valued from $500 - $7,500 and 50% of the final bid will go as a commission to the artist.

The silent auction opens on Friday, November 6th and will close in two rounds.  The first round of items will close at the end of the Interactive Virtual Gala at 10 pm (CST) on Saturday, November 21st. The final round of items will close at 8 pm (CST) on Sunday, November 22nd.

To make a contribution to register for the Interactive Virtual Gala, please click here or email Maria Nelson at mnelson@hydeparkart.org

Registration Instructions:

  1. Please register for the auction by clicking on the "Register Now" button towards the top of the auction website (located after the main image). 
  2. Please enter your phone number, email, name, address, and password of your choice.  You may forgo entering your credit card information. Click the “Submit” button at the end of the page.
  3. You will be redirected to a welcome page. Re-enter your password and press the “Submit” button.
  4. You will be redirected to a thank you page. Click on the blue “Continue” button to start bidding!
  5. If your registration is successful, you should receive a text message from 56651 with a link to the online auction within one minute.

Bidding Instructions:

  1. If you have already registered, log into your account by entering your phone number, email, or bidder number and clicking the "GO" button above the "Register Now" button.
  2. Once you are logged in, you can view a larger image of each item by clicking on the magnifying glass in the lower left-hand corner of the item’s preview.
  3. Click on the blue "Bid/Info" button under the photo to bid on or learn more about the item.
    1. Click on the green "Details" button to view a description of the auction item.
    2. Click on the green "Fast Bid" button to make the lowest minimum bid -OR- Click on the green "Bid/Set Max" button to bid the amount you see fit -OR- Click on the green "Buy Now" button to immediately purchase the auction item.
  4. The Silent Auction will close in two rounds.  Items valued equal to or less than $1,500 will close after the Gala at 10 pm (CST) on Saturday, November 21st. Items valued above $1,500 will close at 8 pm (CST) on Sunday, November 22nd. Please note the closing time of the items you are bidding on. When the auction closes, all of the item(s) you won will pop-up in green at the top of the ClickBid webpage.

Purchasing Instructions:

  1. If you entered a credit card, its information will be stored securely and only charged if you are the winning bidder on an item(s) or if you make a donation.  
  2. If the winning bid does not meet the reserve, the artwork will not sell.  If the reserve is not met, staff will contact the winning bidder.  The winning bidder is welcome to pay the reserve value to acquire the artwork. Reserve values are listed in the description of each piece. 
  3. You may check yourself out by clicking on the green dot that will pop-up at the top of the ClickBid webpage if you have won an item. Please check to make sure you have met the reserve before checking yourself out. 
  4. If you would like to pay by credit card, there is a 3.5% processing fee.
  5. To change your payment method during the event, please contact Max Guy at mguy@hydeparkart.org
  6. If you would like to forgo checking yourself out, staff will email winning bidders on Monday, November 23rd to confirm payment and pick-up.
  7. If shipping is needed, shipping and handling fees will be added to the winning bid amount. Items will be shipped via FedEx and billed at standard industry rates.

Thank you to our Participating Artists:

Carris Adams 

Cara Adler and Amanda Naidig

Kayla Anderson

Tyanna Buie

Liz Chilsen 

Elke Claus

Mel Cook

Clara Dandy and Rosalia Scholle

Kathryn Fimreite 

Gardner Funo O'Kain and Beth Iska

Jasper Goodrich

Mary King

Camille Levi and Patricia McMillen

Yvette Mayorga

Zakkiyyah Najeebah Dumas-O'neal 

Beth Neiman and Eleonora Edreva

Roni Packer 

Chris Pappan 

Yoonshin Park 

Pooja Pittie

Kellie Romany 

Gwen Rugg and Heidi Parkes

Nina Slesinger and Justine Jentes

Megan Stroech

Maryam Taghavi

Sadie Woods 

Gwendolyn Zabicki 

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

FeiFan Zhang 

Chunbo Zhang