"Hearts of Hope"

Virtual Valentine's Day Silent Auction


HTH "Hearts of Hope"

Please join us for the 1st annual Hope Through Horses "Hearts of Hope" Virtual Valentine's Day Silent Auction ... 

and help us share the Healing Power of Horses and Transformative Coaching with the World. 


About Hope Through Horses Inc.

Hope Through Horses, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit dedicated to 

Sharing the Healing Power of Horses and Transformative Coaching with the World.

Our Values ...

Making a Difference

Inspiring Others

Empowering EGCM Coaches and Clients

Honoring Horses and sharing their Innate Healing Power

Encouraging Authentic Connection

Being of Value

Giving HOPE

What We Do ...

We help Touched by a Horse® (TBAH) Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® (EGCM ) Certified Coaches and their Clients.

We also help the EGCM Coaching Horse Partners by Honoring their Innate Healing Power.

We provide grants supporting TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioner Clients Coaching Services.

We offer scholarship grants to those wishing to become TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners.

We provide grants to TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners for Client Outreach Expenses.

We are Champions for HOPE.

How we Give Hope ...

Since our inception in 2018, Hope Through Horses Inc. (HTH) has secured 

over $205,000 in donations and funded 160 Grants:


69 Grants to TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners for their Client Coaching Services

67 Grants to TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners for their Client Outreach Expenses

24 Grants for TBAH Certification Program Scholarships


How YOU can Help ...

Be a Champion For Hope.

Support Us.

Join The VIP Herd List.


About HTH and the "Hearts of Hope" Silent Auction

Love is in the air ... What a perfect time to support the HTH Mission by participating in "Hearts of Hope" Silent Auction  

and help us share the Healing Power of Horses and Transformative Coaching with the World.

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  • "Hope through Horses is a wonderful non-profit organization that has a great mission and a great heart filled purpose. They help people and horses on so many different levels! I love and support HTH and donate to its incredible cause! Please consider making a donation too!" ~ Kellie Grill, Happy Success Ranch Retreats


  • "Hope through Horses has been a true God send for our organization. Their financial support has meant so much to so many. In terms of our Student candidates tuition support has made the difference for them to enroll. They are training to go out in the world and make a positive change with so many people from all walks of life. The assistance from HTH has made a significant effect in their lives." ~ Melisa Pearce, Touched By A Horse, Inc.


  • "I have been fortunate enough to have clients receive grant funds to help cover partial costs for sessions. Hope Through Horses has been reliable and supportive in all my transactions and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to offer services to individuals who would not otherwise been able afford Equine Gestalt sessions. As a coach of five years, I continually see the Equine Gestalt work move people through the unfinished business of their lives and bring them to a place of awareness where they can find their own inner sense of balance. As a coach, I am honored on a daily basis to stand by the side of a horse and witness the beauty in what they intuitively bring to a session. This works clears the way for individuals to find their way home in their own bodies." ~ Linda Bruce, Soulful Prairies LLC

  • "I am so Grateful to "Hope Through Horses" without their grant, I wouldn't have been able to work with Brenda Westwood of Horse Sense Healing, to get that foundation needed to solidify my own business after I graduated from Touch By A Horse Equine Gestalt Program." ~ Renate M, Ontario Canada

  • "When I first moved to Montana, I made it a goal of mine to start riding horses again. It had always been a passion of mine but something I was not able to do regularly. I saw an ad in the newspaper about a sort of therapy where horses were involved. I called that number and that was my first introduction to Brenda and her horses. The first session was a group one and it took me by complete shock, it was not what I was expecting. It was intense and scary, a whole flood of emotions came spilling out of me and somehow these horses knew exactly what I needed without ever having met me before. After that one first session I kept attending for three years. I was married at the time and was struggling with my then-husband. Brenda was kind, loving, open, and never judged. She never told me “what I should do”, she merely gave me space to express the emotions I had buried deep inside me. She was patient and never gave up on me, expressing those kinds of emotions are not easy for me, but she was there for me every step of the way. My funds were limited at the time, I could not afford full price since I was not working and relied solely on my then-husband for income. Brenda helped my obtain a Hope Through Horses Grant so I could pay what I could afford.  I then continued my sessions regularly until I moved away.  With help from Hope Through Horses, Brenda and her horses helped me work through my own deep-seated insecurities stemming from childhood trauma. She was there for me as a battled with an abusive husband, infidelity and everything else that comes along with that. Brenda and her horses guided me through and gave me strength to ultimately say goodbye to the things and people that were no longer serving me, and helped me walk in my strength to a better life." ~Francisca Bobb, MT & CA

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About TBAH

HTH "Hearts of Hope"  .. Supporting all things Touched By A HorseĀ® 

Sharing the Healing Power of Horses and Transformative Coaching with the World ...

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