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Hoops Fight Against ALS

Supporting Research at the University of Michigan ALS Center of Excellence

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About Our Event

When it comes to fighting ALS and supporting the medical community to research this progressive neurodegenerative disease, some of our former players, coaches and staff have joined together to help with this fight!  It is the philanthropic aspect of our event that is most fulfilling to our basketball family.  Many of us have been personally touched by the devastating disease that is ALS and in fact, our program as a whole has been impacted immensely by those whom we have admired as leaders of our past, having to live with ALS today.  We as a basketball family want to give back and help fight ALS in our community and in essence, throughout the medical society.  The ALS Center of Excellence at the University of Michigan has been at the forefront of ALS research and boasts one of the top ALS devoted clinics in the country.  Partnering with this world-class facility was a no brainer to us as we know the funds raised will benefit not only the research itself, but the lives of those living with the disease or caring for loved ones with ALS.

Whether you are a supporter of the fight against ALS or a kind soul that believes in the vision of our efforts, we thank you for your time and donation.  We believe the winning bidders of these incredible items will appreciate them just as much as we appreciate all those who support our efforts.  This 501(c)3 sponsored event will allow you the peace of mind to bid generously knowing your contribution goes to a worthy cause.  Hopefully you check back often throughout the evening to see how your bid stands up versus others and you pursue the win as hard as you can!  Bidding ends at 10:00pm ET on Friday, August 2nd.  In the end, it is the patients living with ALS who ultimately benefit from your generosity.  

Thank you!


***This event is not affiliated with the Michigan Athletic Department nor the Michigan Basketball Program.  This is coordinated and executed solely by several alumni members of Michigan Basketball***

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