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12 days of Giving

December 1st-12th

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12 Days of Giving

The current pandemic has created a strain on everyone in unique and individual ways, including our youngest populations.  As families have worked to maintain social distancing for the safety of their families, children have missed routine well child visits, have limited social contacts outside of the home, drastically changed their school and daycare routines, and experienced frequent disruptions in their educational environments.  This has resulted in delayed identification of children struggling to meet developmental milestones.  Children who already struggled with attention span, sensory processing deficits, and difficulty calming themselves in busy, social environments have regressed in the past 18+ months of limited socialization.   Lack of in-person role models and consistent close contact with teachers have resulted in regression of reading, math, and writing skills creating learning gaps.  A literacy gap is predicted as a direct result of the pandemic.

As families seek to find additional resources for their children,
Hutchinson Health Pediatric Therapy provides services to assist with:

Attention span and direction following
Sensory and behavior regulation
Handwriting and fine motor skills
Speech and Language skills (speaking and comprehension)
Activities of Daily Living (dressing, tooth brushing, sleeping)
Feeding:  from nursing to bottle to solid foods

Services are provided virtually or in person so that children don’t ever need to miss an appointment.

Hutchinson Health Pediatric therapy uses everyday toys to create extraordinary learning environments for children ages 3 months to 16 years of age.

Fundraising Goal: $14,000

The additional equipment would allow Pediatric Therapy to expand the services provided in these areas, to expand the treatment options available for Sensory Processing challenges children are facing in this pandemic, and to increase its technological outreach to children and their families in this community.

How to Bid

Thank you for participating in the 12 Days of Giving!
The auction is open from noon on December 1st, running through 11:59 pm on December 12th.
Check out the video below on how to bid.

Auction Preview

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