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2024 Conceal GPE at Bruce's Field, presented by THIS

A Letter from the Chair

The Aiken Horse Park Foundation’s Grand-Prix Eventing committee would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to everyone in Aiken, the Eventing community and beyond who have been involved and supported the Eventing Showcase in Aiken.  

Our Vision for Grand-Prix Eventing at Bruce’s Field is to showcase the best of the sport of eventing. It will demonstrate the highest quality and innovation in competition, attracting top horses and riders Internationally. Its prestige and format will make it the ideal venue to provide an engaging event drawing a wide variety of spectators from all over. Highlighting the history and character of Aiken throughout the event and involving many local charities of Aiken will exhibit our pride in our community, and fulfill the mission of making the horse park a central fixture which “promotes Aiken’s equestrian way of life” and supports the community's civic, educational and charitable endeavors. We feel showcase events like this have an important role in the sport of Eventing, allowing for greater visibility and sponsorship opportunities outside of the equestrian world. Our goals for the future include our desire to help grow the sport as a whole as well as growing this event so that the Grand-Prix Eventing showcase, Bruce’s Field and the Aiken community remains the destination that equestrian riders and supporters come to visit, train, and enjoy during the winter months.   

Again we really appreciate everyone’s support.  

- Phillip Dutton

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all who have supported!

Morgan & Paul Batton - Amy Borun - Tara & Charlie Bostwick - Lendy Brown - Ty Burke - Sharer Dale - Lauren Davis - Eden Dedrick 

Karl Deily - David Donahey- Elyse Eisenberg - John Emery - Maxine Emerich - Donna & Mike Fanning - Arthur Frigo 

Candace & Holland Garrett - Putter Goodwin - Angela Hambrick - Emily Hamel - Beth Harpham - Nancy Hathaway 

Jane & Robert Hottensen - Priscilla Hubbard Heyward - John Hawks - Amy Hebert & CP Doremus - Annie Jones - Cynthia Keating 

Fernanda Kellogg - Michelle & John Koppin  - Anne Laver - Mike Laver  - Lauren & Gordon Lawson -  Olivia van Melle Kamp 

Dr. Ben Mitchell - Kelly Morgan - Joanie Morris - Jane & Jerry Mount - Rebecca T. Newell & William L. Griffin - Amy Peloquin

Christine Quinn - Darlene Reichard - Mandeep Sing - Cat Stumberg - Kathleen Sullivan - Chacea Sundman - Michael & Connie Taylor 

Barb Gould Uskup - Melissa & Darrell Vaughn - Deirdre & Michel Viallancourt - Elizabeth Welborn - Kim & Tom Wendel

Gretchen & George Wintersteen

2024 Ride for Charity Teams

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