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What is the Charter Day of Giving?

As Immaculata celebrates our 102nd birthday, join us, make a gift, show your love for Immaculata and make an IMPACT on our current and future Immaculatans.

Every gift can make a difference for a student who otherwise could not attend IU or participate in all of the experiences IU has to offer. Your sustained financial support goes the distance to ensure our unique IU experience can exist for generations to come.

You can play an important part in elevating the University and enabling students 
to fulfill their professional and educational potential by making your gift today.

By rallying together, we can really make a difference. Every gift, of every size, made every year adds value to an IU degree.  When we give together year after year, our reputation flourishes.

Your continued support also leverages confidence in the University.  Major donors as well as private foundations and large corporations look at the percentage of alumni who give every year as a vote of confidence before they invest in the institution.  Every alumni gift impacts this number.

Bid on Immaculata-themed items and experiences in the online auction. 

Show pride in your alma mater with a special gift during Charter Day of Giving.

We need YOU to join in this celebration to make a difference in this next century!

Online Auction: November 4-10, 2022

Bid on items located at the bottom of this page:

  • Bid on exclusive Immaculata University themed merchandise!  
  • The auction will close at 11:55PM on November 10th - don't miss out!

Day of Giving:  November 10, 2022

Make a Mighty Impact!

  • Each class up to 2001 is encouraged to raise $5,000 to $10,000 by June 30, 2023
  • Each class from 2002 – 2022 is encouraged to raise $5,000 by June 30, 2023
  • There are numerous challenges for the Day of Giving, view them online here.
  • Total Charter Day of Giving goal - $100,000

 Make an Impact with your Day of Giving Gift Online Here.*

*Gifts received or postmarked between November 4-14, 2022, 
will be counted for this campaign and class gift totals.

If YOU are the Winning Bidder:

When the auction is over and you are the winning bidder of an auction item: 

You will be contacted within five business days of auction close to determine:

  • Do you want to have the item(s) shipped or will you arrange for item pick-up on campus
  • Do you want to pay with your credit card or with a check

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