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Gilda’s Club runs entirely on charitable donations, and we are honored to be selected for CAR’s year-end giving campaign.  Gilda’s Club currently utilizes a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica minivan for transportation. Recently maintenance and repair expenses have increased. Previously, the minivan offered the Gilda’s Club team a cost-effective way to travel to offsite support groups. These groups are located at our satellite clubhouse in Lowell, and within various community locations including Spectrum Health-Reed City. A reliable means of transportation is also vital in reaching underserved populations. Our Sisters-to-Sisters African American support network often assists members with transportation needs. Additionally, Gilda’s Club is working to meet the increased demand for emotional health support within area schools. Due to the increased need for emotional health support, at times our parking lot (74 spaces) can become full on a busy programming night. This results in using the van to shuttle attendees from a local church to Gilda’s Club. The van is also used for hauling supplies during important fundraising events like West Side Walk for Gilda’s and LaughFest. Money raised would enable us to purchase a new seven passenger vehicle or van.  Your gift would help support a capital need which in turn will keep vital general operating revenue directed solely toward supporting program delivery.

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About Gilda's Club Grand Rapids

Proceeds from the Gilda's Club Open benefit the FREE cancer and grief emotional health support program offered through Gilda's Club Grand Rapids. Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids is a vibrant free emotional health support community of children, adults, families and friends on any kind of cancer journey or those grieving a death due to any cause. Our comprehensive program meets you where you are with the type of support you need. Whether it be education opportunities with local experts and others who have traveled similar paths, support groups with structured sharing times, social activities or our weekly Facebook lives with varying subjects from nutrition and advance care planning to children’s books and conversation starting activities.