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November 7 - 16, 2021

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First Tee Lowcountry

At First Tee – The Lowcountry we are Building Game Changers!

So that when they step up to... the next shot, the next math test, the next presentation, the first day at a new school.

...they have the strength to move forward, aim further, and finish stronger than the last time.

That’s why we exist; to enable kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges.

Character is what you bring to everything you do. It’s what signifies to the world what’s inside of you. It outlasts genius and talent yet propels both. It’s what we are admired for and remembered by. It’s what transforms piercing words to inspire you forward rather than tear you down. And it’s what allows you to walk away from failure determined, not defeated.

We serve over 14,000 kids in Beaufort and Jasper county through our Life Skills Experience classes, the First Tee School Program and various outreach activities.

Game Changers



First Tee Builds Game Changers!

We see golf as a unique metaphor for life - full of unexpected challenges, where progress is a practice of self-reliance and how you choose to respond defines who you are.

Please help us raise the money for 250 First Tee - The Lowcountry Scholarships

First Tee exists to enable kids to build strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges. By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with life skills curriculum, we create learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence and resilience that kids carry to everything they do.

With the belief that all kids deserve the chance to grow in a supportive environment with mentors guiding them, we are dedicated to building programs that are accessible, welcoming and as impactful as they are fun.

$75 Donation Funds One Student’s Scholarship

2021has been a rewarding year for First Tee - The Lowcountry.  Through the fall session, we have reached 464 kids in the Life Skills classes and are on pace to reach 500+. With COVID"s impact on schools and on parent's work lives, the use of our scholarship funds remains robust with over 200+ scholarships granted year to date. To continue our effort to positively impact kids lives in Beaufort and Jasper counties, our goal is to rebuild the scholarship fund and continue our work through this year and beyond.  A lack of scholarship resources should never stand in the way of introducing the First Tee and its 9 Core Values to our kids and their parents.  

With your donation, you can play a part in helping us to shape these kids futures.