Forsyth Farmers' Market To Go Farm Picnic 2021

April 25th, 2021

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About Our Event

Come grab a take out plate for the Farm Picnic 2021: an event celebrating good food and community resiliency! 

Event Details: 

Forsyth Farmers' Market Office-  2603 Mechanics Avenue Thunderbolt, GA 31404 (Behind Wesley Oaks Methodist Church)

April 25th 4-6pm

Takeout Plate

On the day of the event, swing by the FFM office to pick up your delicious takeout plate (BBQ and Vegetarian option available). This will also be your opportunity to check out some of our auction items. 

About FFM

Forsyth Farmers' Market is a 501c3 non-profit organization started by six women in 2009. It was created with the mission of supporting their common vision of a local food system good for the health of all people and the environment. The FFM was conceived and planned to provide all members of Savannah’s community a welcoming, inclusive place to purchase local food and address food access issues. 

We rely on donations and fundraising to support our many programs. These programs include: Farm Truck 912, 912 Food Farmacy, Nutrition Education, Food Delivery Service, Saturday Market. 

Thank you for your support!

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Bidding Instructions:


  • I forgot my bidder #? Type your phone # or email address in the bidder # box. Tap GO. You also can tap on the "?" for help.
  • How do I remove a bid? Right after you place a bid, you have the option to "undo" on the confirmation banner at the top of the screen. Once this banner goes away, you will need to see an event volunteer that is using the butler to remove it.
  • I already selected "no" or replied "STOP" to the SMS text message alerts, not realizing that I wouldn't receive outbid notices. Can I fix it? Yes! Text "START" to 56651 to begin receiving these once again.
  • How do I place a Max Bid? To place a "max bid", tap on Bid/Info > BID/SET MAX > select the amount you are willing to spend on the item > SET MAX. The system will bid up to that amount for you automatically. You will be notified via text message if you are outbid on this item.
  • Did I win? Once the auction has closed, you can look under MENU/MY ITEMS to view everything that you have won/purchased.

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