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About The Film

The word “eloquent” is commonly used by neurosurgeons to reference areas of the brain “that speak to readily identifiable neurologic function and, if injured, result in a disabling neurologic deficit.” (reference). When a ccm exists in an eloquent area of the brain or spine, this can cause severe consequences. Currently, the options in this scenario are to wait and observe or undergo surgery. 

Our film uncovers the outcomes of surgery and how it impacts patients and families dealing with ccm. It also discusses the potential for non-surgical options in the very near future. We hope you find the film informative.

Trent and AmaBellaRachel

The Goal

1. Show audiences how a group of people including experts, parents, patients and loved ones can come together to tackle a disease. A cure for CCM is closer than ever thanks to the efforts of many. The work of The Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation can be a roadmap for other diseases. 

2. Inform others who are struggling with CCM that there is a network of people who support each other and provide comfort. It's open to anyone and available any time. 



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September 2022

September 25th from 10am-12 at Ambler theater. Our first local premier!

Fall 2022

New Mexico


Early 2023

Grand Rapids, MI

Film Festivals - Fall 2022, Winter/Spring 2023

We are actively submitting our film to festivals around the country. As we are selected, we will post updates here.


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