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along with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance present



 In March, 2018 Mark was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer when a tumor was discovered. Scans later showed that the cancer had spread into his abdomen.  Mark began his chemo treatments in April, 2018 and continued through May. In June he began 6 weeks of radiation treatment. August 7th was a joyful day for the Willis family as he completed radiation! Mark took a few months to physically and mentally recover from treatments. However, the cat scans, pet scans, scopes and MRI’s continued. In November, Mark had surgery to remove a lymph node in his groin area that had not changed in size throughout all treatments.  Although all signs pointed to remission, the Willis' were hit with the news that Mark's tumor was returning in January of 2019. The only option at that point was to have surgery and remove the tumor.  Mark underwent a difficult 8 hour surgery to remove the tumor in February.  He received two blood transfusions in a week and recovery has been tough! On day 7 of his hospital stay, Mark found out that he needed a second surgery. On Tuesday, Feb. 26th exactly one week after his original surgery, he went in for this second surgery. During the second surgery doctors discovered an infection. Infectious disease doctors immediately began intense antibiotic treatment in an effort to rapidly eliminate the infection.  Unfortunately, the antibiotics were not entirely effective and Mark is currently still undergoing treatment to fully eradicate all signs of infection.  On March 3rd, Mark was moved to a specialized hospital where he will continue treatment for a minimum of two weeks.  During this ordeal Mark's wife,  Anella and children Callie and Cade have remained optimistic he will make a full recovery and remained by his side offering their love and support. 

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