Welcome to Bay Street Theater's Silent Auction 2020!

Scott Schwartz, Artistic Director
Tracy Mitchell, Executive Director

Your support will help Bay Street Theater & Sag Harbor Center for the Arts continue to fulfill its mission to innovate, educate, and entertain a diverse community through the practice of the performing arts!


Q:  How do I start bidding?
A:  If you already have an account, type your email address or phone number in above, and click "GO". This will take you right to the bidding page.

Q:  What if I don't have an account yet?
A:  Click "Register" above.  Enter your contact info and credit card, and you will be taken right to the bidding page.

Q:  What if I want to bid without registering?
A:  Sorry, you can't.  We need to know who is bidding, so you must be registered with your credit card before bidding is allowed.

Q:  How do I collect the item if I win?
A:  Someone from Bay Street's staff will contact you with details.

Q:  I think something's not working right.  Who can help me out?
A:  Email us at boxoffice@baystreet.org

Auction Preview

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