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Amirah exists to provide aftercare, resources, and opportunities to women who have survived different forms of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and prostitution. They offer residential recovery opportunities, organize outreach efforts, and educate communities, providers, and policy makers on the unique challenges victims and survivors face in the Northeastern United States.

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About Amirah


Amirah’s residential branch offers long-term recovery programs with an individualized, trauma-informed, whole person approach at safe homes in Massachusetts and Connecticut. This program is a leader in the field of trauma recovery from commercial sexual exploitation, focusing on empowering adult women survivors to achieve their individual goals for their own lives. Through whole person, trauma-informed care, we seek to enable the whole person to recover and find healing.


The outreach branch encompasses Amirah's Community Resource Center and its group programs for exploited women. The Community Resource Center (CRC) operates in Lynn, MA, providing clinical services and peer support in a non-residential setting for women currently experiencing or at risk for exploitation. The goal of the CRC is to provide necessary exit resources with as few barriers to service as possible. Our group programs for exploited women offers survivor-led groups in correctional facilities, in shelters, and internationally online to women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation, but have limited access to resources where they are. These groups utilize nationally recognized and established curricula written by professional lived experience experts. 


Educating our communities is key to sustaining support for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. Amirah's education program provides general human trafficking training for community and faith-based organizations, and advanced trainings to law enforcement, providers, and service professionals on commercial sexual exploitation. Amirah synthesizes what it learns from its work with external data to advocate for changes to policies that break down exit barriers and make recovery and independence possible for more women.