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Our Team

We are forever grateful for the individuals who have donated their time, knowledge and talent to make this event the best it can be. 

Susan and James Marriott

Erik Kennedy

Jordy and Emily Nelson
Green Bay Packer Alumnus Family
Honorary Co-Chairs

Mary Stoker Smith
The Evening's Emcee

About This Event

As the adoptive needs in our communities grow, Adoption Choice, Inc. is committed to strengthening our continuum of care. Families need support not only throughout the adoption process but well after finalizaiton. Adoption is not only an event, it is a lifelong journey. We intend to provide this support through adoptive education seminars, emotional support groups, networking events, fee assistance, community partnerships, and more. But we need your help to turn that vision into a reality. 

We invite you to join us at our 5th Annual Touched by Adoption event at Jan Serr Studio in Milwaukee, WI. This celebratory evening is an opportunity for us to reach our goal of $125,000 to expand our Continuum of Care for birth families and adoptive families. Everyone involved with an adoption needs access resources to find answers and success throughout their lifelong journey. 

Adoption Choice Inc. (ACI) is a private, non-profit, fully licensed adoption agency that has been serving the entire state of Wisconsin since 1986. Adoptive families receive personalized guidance while following the journey of creating their families. Birthparents are provided with care and counseling while making the radically compassionate choice to place their child. Community outreach is designed to tear down the stigma and stereotypes surrounding adoption.

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